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For a decade, Fintech Labs has helped banks, credit unions, and other financial services companies improve digital banking ROI through better service offerings, more straightforward user interfaces (UI), and best-in-class customer experience (UX/CX).




Our team, each with at least 15 years of digital banking experience, will conduct an in-depth look at your digital channels to identify customer experience strengths and weaknesses. But we don’t stop at merely identifying gaps, we provide custom advice on how to fix them in a cost-effective manner.


Our clients include financial institutions around the globe, both large banks and smaller community banks and credit unions.

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Comprehensive analysis is more than 100 pages in length along with a custom PowerPoint executive summary.
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Our clients include some of the leading financial institutions around the globe.

Checking Profits: Snagging the Paycheck Direct Deposit

There is little dispute that the primary financial relationship follows the paycheck. If you can snag the weekly/biweekly direct deposit, you have a very sticky customer. You have to really let them down to lose them at that point. Traditionally, banks have dangled...
Wells Fargo Greenhouse termination email

Wells Fargo’s Greenhouse has UX issues to overcome ahead of national rollout

Wells Fargo announced its Greenhouse mobile bank/app in late 2017 (press release). The bank began limited trials a year later and is expected to make it available nationwide by the end of this year. It's similar to Chase's ill-fated Finn, in that it's trying to be a...

UX Tips: U.S. Bank Offers Option to Show Password at Login

For much of the Internet era, users had no way to check their password data entry before hitting login. A few companies, notably Apple, were the exception. Fast-forward to 2019. Many secure sites now offer an option to see your password before logging in. It's an...

How Should Banks Respond to Facebook’s Libra Coin?

I've read as much as I can take for now about Facebook's Libra crypto coin and Calibra digital wallet announcement. Most observers are skeptical given the many hurdles. But analysts like the upside if Facebook successfully gains adoption among its 2.7 billion users....

Investment CX: Kindur Simplifies Retirement Income by Converting 401(k) into “Paychecks”

Kindur has been in the fintech news lately, first when it raised $10M in December (led by Anthemis) and then more recently when it launched its investment management service. One of the best profiles was on a recent episode of The Bank On It podcast which interviewed...

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