On Oct 7, Techstars hosted a virtual demo day of its special accelerator class built with help from Western Union. The cohort consisted of 9 fintech companies and one healthtech. You can watch the entire 41-minute program here. Or watch just the 3-minute pitches that interest you below.

Pentina 4-minute pitch @Techstars


Description: Alternative credit scoring and lending in emerging markets

Business model: Consumer app through partners

HQ: Belmont, CA

Raised: $670k (per Crunchbase)

Metrics: Processing 25 million unique mobile records from 7-Eleven Philippines

Kevin Gabayan, CEO
Earl Valencia, Chief Business Officer

Founded: 2019

Contact: info@plentina.com

Website | Crunchbase | Linkedin

Vested 3-minute pitch @Techstars

Vested Finance

Description: Simplifying U.S. investments for Indian investors

Funding: $1.7M

HQ: Sunnyvale, CA

Founded: Aug 2018

Viram Shah, CEO
Yinghan Lin, CTO
Darwin Arifin, COO
Eric Huynh, CPO

– 150,000 newsletter subscribers
– 30% MOM growth
– 3x growth in AUM in last 5 months
– 75% of users have made multiple deposits/investments

Contact: info@vestedfinance.co

Website | Crunchbase | AngelList | Twitter | Linkedin

Line’s 3-minute pitch @Techstars


Description: Helps qualified & banked people without credit history establish credit and access affordable financial services.

Target customers: Millennials

Business model: Direct-to-consumer with subscription pricing

HQ: San Francisco & Bengaluru, India

Founded: Nov. 2019

Founder: Akshay Krishnaiah

– 100% MOM growth in past several months
– 99% retention rate
– $1.5M projected revenue in next 12 months
– CAC less than $1

Contact: akshay@useline.com

Website | Crunchbase | Twitter | AngelList

AidBanc 3-minute pitch @Techstars


Description: Digital banking and spend management platform for global NGOs.

HQ: Little Rock, Arkansas

Funding: $120k

Founded: Jan 2020

– LOIs with 3 major non-profits
– $80M of aid payments already committed
– Another $87M in pipeline
– 1% global market share BEFORE full launch

Maf Sonko, CEO
Sesie Bonsi, COO

Contact: founders@aidbanc.com

Website | Twitter | Crunchbase | Linkedin

Rise Vest

Description: Digital wealth manager connecting Africans to U.S. investments

HQ: Lagos, Nigeria

Founded: Oct 2019 (Product launch: Jan 2020)

Raised: $120k

– 35% MOM growth
– 46,000 users
– $4M AUM

Eke Urum, CEO
Bosun Olanrewaju, CTO
Tony Odiba, COO

Contact: hello@rise.capital

Website | Twitter | Crunchbase | Linkedin

Logicluster 3-minute pitch @Techstars


Description: AI/ML currency pricing solution for money transfers

Business model: Enterprise sales to financial institutions and money transfer companies

HQ: San Francisco

Funding: $120k

Founded: 2018

Youssef Salem, CEO
Reda ElHakim, Chief Engineer
Ahmed Hussein, Chief Scientist

Number of Employees: 5

Contact: hello@logicluster.com

Website | AngelList | Crunchbase | Linkedin

Yunit 2-minute pitch @Techstars


Description: App for save money with friends for shared goals

HQ: Oakland, CA

Launched: Jan 2020

Raised: $120k

Metrics: 800 users across 2 beta programs

Founder: Phillip Aubrey, CEO

Contact: phillip@yunit.com

Website | Crunchbase | AngelList

Heights Labs

Description: Compliance and investigations platform for tracking money laundering

Business model: Enterprise sales to financial institutions

HQ: Valley Stream, NY

Raised: $120k

Founded: 2020

Daniel Goldsmith, CEO
Yonah Shmalo, CTO

Contact: founders@heightslabs.com

Website | Twitter | Crunchbase | Linkedin

Gig Wage (formerly, Visage Payroll)

Description: Helps businesses pay, manage and support their gig-economy workers

HQ: Dallas, TX

Funding: $3.2M

Founded: 2014

Founder: Craig Lewis

Contact: founders@gigwage.com

Website | Twitter | Crunchbase