Small-business-expense-manager Jeeves has been climbing the ranks of our SMB card list this year, hitting #3 at the beginning of the summer after landing a $180M round in March. The company, valued at $2B in the latest round, has grown its website traffic to 140,000 monthly, a fraction of industry leaders Expensify (1.6 million) and Ramp (1 million), but still the fourth highest among the digital challenger cards. The startup says it has more than 3,000 clients in 20+ countries.

A distinguishing feature of Jeeve’s card is airport lounge access. It’s a popular card perk, but generally requires a high-end travel card with annual fees of $400 or more. So I was surprised to see it as part of Jeeve’s free card offering, which already provides 1% to 1.5% cash-back on purchases. So that $1,000 airfare purchase already gives you a $15 reward AND free airport lounge access.

However, there is one major drawback to the Jeeves version, it is not automatically made available to the cardholder. Jeeve’s users must send a screenshot of their travel purchase charged to their Jeeve’s card each time they want to take advantage of the perk. That will probably eliminate 90% of potential uses, but still, if you know you were in for a lengthy layover, it would be worth the hassle.

The other problem with the perk is that they are most likely using PriorityPass, which sells for $300/year (for up to 10 visits) or $429 annually for unlimited visits. The lounges have mixed reviews online, with a 3.4 score at Trustpilot. The lounge user experience varies dramatically depending on the airport and time of your visit. But as a free perk on a free card, its pretty sweet.



FAB Score = 214 (third highest on our SMB Digital Card list)
– Founded: 2019 (Feb)
– Raised $368M ($363M since Jan 2021) (Crunchbase)
– Website visits (June 2022): 140,000 (SimilarWeb)
– Employees: 148 (Pitchbook)
– Articles: 14 (Crunchbase)
– Linkedin: 14,300 followers (221 employees)
– Trustpilot: 4.1 (25 reviews)