I have written dozens of posts about Simple Bank (aka Simple) since they burst on the scenes in 2009. They have pioneered in a number of areas, notably, Safe to Spend, which should be on every bank’s product roadmap.bux lessons 2

But what I like most about the BBVA unit is how the put everything together in one not-so-simple package. Everything they write, from its x/day Twitter posts, to the customer service responses, to the website/blog copy, has a clear and customer friendly voice.

As you would expect, they obsess about the user experience. Take a look how they make it easy to get started with an application.

1. Don’t call it an application. It’s Start Right Here from a clear blue button in the middle of the homepage or Get Simple in a blue box in the upper right.

simple homepage

2. Greet your about-to-be-a-new-customer with enthusiasm and the respect they deserve. If you run a full-service FI and you good at digital relationship building between the generations, this new person and their children, have lifetime values in the thousands (maybe even $10,000+).

simple app page 1

3. Move the customer forward with simple copy and keep them apprised of where they are in the application.

simple app page 2

4. Let them know why you are asking for seemingly way-too-much personal info.
For extra credit: Remind them how secure you plan on keeping it (Simple doesn’t do that)

simple app page 3

5. Review and submit.

simple app page 4

6. Thank the customer!!! (No screenshots because we did not submit since we already have an account).

Bottom line: New account applications are where your digital P&L turns black. Make sure you obsess over yours.