Innovate Finance broadcast the finals of its Pitch360 competition over Zoom in July. The UK-based independent fintech industry group attracted 100 entries resulting in 22 finalists across 8 categories, 8 category winners and one overall champion.

For the final decision, the following judges participated:

  • Ezechi Britton, Founding Member, Principal & CTO in Residence, Impact X Capital Partners LLP
  • Isabelle Gallo, Partner, Breega
  • Rafael Esteban, Investor, Santander InnoVentures
  • Sam Edge, Leading Fintech Business Development & Strategy, AWS
  • Samantha Murray, Senior Innovation Manager, Lloyds Banking

Digital Assets

Finalists: Lacero (pitch), SupraFin (pitch), Wirex (see pitch below)

Category winner AND overall winner: Wirex
Digital money solutions for both personal and commercial use, integrating traditional and cryptocurrencies to support multi-currency accounts, transfer and exchange services.

HQ: London

Founded: 2014

Funding: $3.2M

  • $200k 2015
  • $3M 2017
  • $12M 2020
Wirex pitch (7.5 minutes)

Enterprise Digital Transformation

Finalists: Applied Blockchain (see pitch below), CausaLens (pitch)

Winner: Applied Blockchain
Builds business applications using cryptography for superior data security and data privacy.

Customers: Shell, KLM, United Nations, Toyota, SITA, Lloyds Register and a range of technology startups.

HQ: London

Founded: 2016

Funding: $4.6M seed April 2020

Applied Blockchain pitch (7 mins)

Personal Financial Management & Wellness

Finalists: Ammonite Wealth (pitch), MoneyHub Enterprise (see Wildcard at end), Pirkx (see pitch below), Touco (pitch)

Winner: Pirkz (see also Wildcard)
Making people happier, healthier and wealthier by providing affordable well-being benefits through their employers.

HQ: London

Founded: 2018

Funding: $1.3M (Jan 2020)

Pirkz pitch with Q&A (7 minutes)


Finalists: DirectID (pitch), QuoteVine (see pitch below), RealRates (pitch)

Winner: QuoteVine
Cloud solutions for lenders in the vehicle industry.

HQ: Bedford, UK

Founded: 2011

Funding: $2.8M (May 2019)

QuoteVine pitch and Q&A (7 minutes)


Finalists: ClearBank (pitch), Fondy (pitch), (see pitch below)

Payment platform for online businesses and processors.

HQ: London

Founded: 2017

Funding: $800k (Sep 2017)

Employees: 45 pitch and Q&A (7 minutes)


Finalists: AiXPRT (pitch), Apiax (see pitch below), Clausematch (pitch), Recordsure (pitch)

Winner: Apiax
Making it easier to comply with global regulations.

HQ: Zurich, Switzerland

Founded: 2017

Funding: $8.1M

  • $1.5M Sep 2017
  • $6.6M Oct 2019
Apiax pitch and Q&A (7 minutes)

Capital Markets & WealthTech

Finalists: Bambu (see pitch below), BlueFireAI (pitch), Globacap (pitch)

Winner: Bambu
Robo-advisory platform for financial institutions and financial advisors.

HQ: Singapore

Founded: 2016

Funding: $13.4M

  • $10M July 2019
  • $3M July 2018
  • $400k Aug 201

Bambu pitch and Q&A (6.5 minutes)


Winner: MoneyHub (see pitch below)
Open Finance platform that enables enterprises to enhance the lifetime financial wellness of their customers.

HQ: Bristol, UK

Founded: 2013

Funding: Unknown

MoneyHub pitch and Q&A (6 minutes)