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Melio is an SMB billpay & invoicing provider founded just 3 years ago (2018). It has grown rapidly, attracting $500M in funding and growing to 420 employees. Its latest round, 9 months ago (Aug 2021), valued the company at $4B, tied for the 78th most valuable fintech launched since 1999 (or #38 just looking at US-based fintechs). That first-3-year growth rate in market cap puts it in the top 4 or 5 of all time.

And they are doing it on the backs of a crypto exchange, it’s just plain old small-business payments, not known for their high margins or fast growth. And the core transaction product, bank transfers via ACH is FREE. What the company does that sets it apart, and apparently fees the valuation, is allowing bills to be paid from third-party credit cards for a 2.9% fee.

Product Features

  • AR/AP dashboard
    – approval workflows
    – 1099 forms
    – sync with QuickBooks Online
    – scheduled payments
    – payments tracking
    – seamless recipient updates of preferred payment method
  • Accounts payable
    – direct debit from bank account via ACH (free)
    – charge to any credit/debit card (2.9% fee)
    – paper check (free)
  • Accounts receivable
    – from credit/debit cards (2.9% fee)
    – invoicing tool with integrated email sending

Check it out yourself with its excellent interactive demo.


Melio is completely fee-free other than the 2.9% charge on card payments (send or receive) and a $20 charge for international transfers (EU, Canada, UK supported)


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Company Vitals

FAB Score = 271 (updated 31 Jan 2022)
#6 on our list of largest digital AR/AP payment providers
– Founded: 2018
– Raised $504M including $360M in 2021 (Crunchbase)
– Website visits: 565,000 (Dec 2021; SimilarWeb)
– Employees: 420 employees (Pitchbook)
– Articles: 41 (Crunchbase)
– Linkedin: 12,100 followers (454 employees)
– Twitter:  5,940 followers
– Capterra rating: 3.7 (73 reviews)

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