Below is our curated list of fintech, banktech, investech and defi global conferences for 2023 (Note: Look here for the best insurtech events.) These are some of the largest events in the financial services space geared towards technologists, product managers, developers, marketers and C-Suite execs at both financial institutions and rival fintech firms.

For the most part, financial technology event planners are organizing in-person gatherings, often with a virtual option. Event details, dates and prices are up-to-date at the time of publication but always check here for the latest. We expect the calendar to expand as we progress through the year. And prices tend to rise as the event draws closer.

Event Spotlight

Tech meets finance in San Francisco

    60+ demos. 100+ speakers. 1,200+ attendees (600+ from financial institutions). 

Come for the wall-to-wall innovations, bring back actionable plans

May 23-25 | Marriott Marquis | San Francisco

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2023 Fintech Conference Calendar

Event Location Start End
Payments by NACHA Las Vegas 16-Apr-23 19-Apr-23
Transact by ETA Atlanta 24-Apr-23 26-Apr-23
Empire Fintech Conference NYC 26-Apr-23 26-Apr-23
Consensus by Coindesk Austin 26-Apr-23 28-Apr-23
FinXTech Transactions by Bank Director Tampa, FL 8-May-23 10-May-23
Fintech World Forum London 9-May-23 10-May-23
Lendit Fintech USA NYC 10-May-23 11-May-23
Embedded by Fintech Talents London 16-May-23 16-May-23
U.S. Fintech Summit Orlando, FL 16-May-23 18-May-23
WealthStack Hollywood, FL 21-May-23 24-May-23

San Francisco 23-May-23 25-May-23
Seamless Middle East Dubai 23-May-23 24-May-23
Money 20/20 Europe Amsterdam 6-Jun-23 8-Jun-23
Digital Banking by American Banker Boca Raton, FL 12-Jun-23 14-Jun-23
Invest by FinancialPlanning NYC 12-Jun-23 13-Jun-23
Finovate Edge Asia Virtual 14-Jun-23 14-Jun-23
Fintech + Insuretech Generations Charlotte 14-Jun-23 15-Jun-23
Fintech Week London London 19-Jun-23 23-Jun-23
Fintech Junction Tel Aviv 20-Jun-23 21-Jun-23
FiNext San Francisco 13-Jul-23 14-Jul-23
Vencent Fintech Summit Little Rock, AR 14-Aug-23 15-Aug-23

NYC 11-Sep-23 13-Sep-23
Fintech South Atlanta 12-Sep-23 13-Sep-23
SIBOS Toronto 18-Sep-23 21-Sep-23
Lend360 Atlanta 2-Oct-23 4-Oct-23
FintechSurge Dubai 16-Oct-23 20-Oct-23
Money 20/20 Las Vegas 22-Oct-23 25-Oct-23
Fintech Talents Festival London 13-Nov-23 14-Nov-23
Singapore Fintech Festival Singapore 15-Nov-23 17-Nov-23
Fintech Connect London 6-Dec-23 7-Dec-23
Embedded Finance North America by Fintech Talents San Francisco 6-Dec-23 7-Dec-23
Past Events
FinXTech Transactions by Bank Director Phoenix, AZ 31-Jan-22 1-Feb-22
Nexus by LenditFintech Miami 7-Feb-22 8-Feb-22
Cloud & Data Transformation in Banking Virtual 17-Feb-22 18-Feb-22
Acquire by Tearsheet Virtual 22-Feb-22 22-Feb-22
MIT Sloan Fintech Conference Virtual 25-Feb-22 25-Feb-22
Future Digital Finance by WBR Miami 1-Mar-22 2-Mar-22
Bank Automation Summit by Bank Innovations Charlotte 1-Mar-22 2-Mar-22
FinovateEurope London 22-Mar-22 23-Mar-22
Pay 360 London 22-Mar-22 22-Mar-22
Fintech Meetup Virtual 22-Mar-22 24-Mar-22
Fintech Junction Tel Aviv 23-Mar-22 23-Mar-22
MoneyLive Summit London 28-Mar-22 29-Mar-22
Transact by ETA Las Vegas 12-Apr-22 14-Apr-22
Empire Fintech Conference NYC 19-Apr-22 19-Apr-22
AI in Finance Summit (New York) NYC 21-Apr-22 22-Apr-22
Payments by NACHA Nashville, TN 1-May-22 4-May-22
Defi Retreat San Diego 3-May-22 3-May-22
U.S. Fintech Summit Orlando, FL 3-May-22 4-May-22
Fintech Talents North America Virtual 12-May-22 12-May-22
Payments Forum Phoenix, AZ 16-May-22 18-May-22
Permissionless by Blockworld Palm Beach, FL 17-May-22 19-May-22
FinovateSpring San Francisco 18-May-22 20-May-22
Lendit Fintech USA NYC 25-May-22 26-May-22
WealthStack Hollywood, FL 31-May-22 3-June-22
Seamless Middle East Dubai 31-May-22 1-June-22
Money 20/20 Europe Amsterdam 7-Jun-22 9-Jun-22
DIGIN by Digital Insurance New Orleans 8-June-22 10-June-22
Consensus by Coindesk Austin 9-June-22 12-June-22
Bank Transformation Forum NYC 9-Jun-22 9-Jun-22
Digital Banking by American Banker Austin 13-Jun-22 15-Jun-22
Generations Fintech + Insuretech Charlotte 14-Jun-22 15-Jun-22
Fintech South Atlanta 14-Jun-22 15-Jun-22
Invest by FinancialPlanning NYC 16-Jun-22 17-Jun-22
Open Finance, APIs, and Partnerships by Marcus Evans NYC 23-Jun-22 24-Jun-22
Payments Summit Europe by Reuters London 28-Jun-22 29-Jun-22
Fintech Week London London 11-Jul-22 15-Jul-22
Vencent Fintech Summit Little Rock, AR 15-Aug-22 17-Aug-22
Fintech Summit Latam Mexico City 24-Aug-22 25-Aug-22
FinovateFall NYC 12-Sep-22 14-Sep-22
Lend360 Chicago 12-Sep-22 14-Sep-22
Digital Assets Summit NYC 13-Sep-22 15-Sep-22
Power of Payments by Tearsheet NYC 15-Sep-22 15-Sep-22
Bank Automation Summit Seattle 19-Sep-22 20-Sep-22
Boston Fintech Week Boston 27-Sep-22 29-Sep-22
Small Business Banking by American Banker Nashville 3-Oct-22 4-Oct-22
Fintech Gala San Francisco 6-Oct-22 6-Oct-22
SME Banking Club (CEE) Kiev Ukraine 7-Oct-21 7-Oct-21
SIBOS Amsterdam 10-Oct-22 13-Oct-22
FintechSurge Dubai 10-Oct-22 13-Oct-22
Money 20/20 Las Vegas 23-Oct-22 26-Oct-22
Hong Kong Fintech Week Hong Kong 31-Oct-22 1-Nov-22
Singapore Fintech Festival Singapore 2-Nov-22 4-Nov-22
AI in Finance Summit (Toronto) Toronto 9-Nov-22 10-Nov-22
Fintech Talents Festival London 14-Nov-22 15-Nov-22
Financial Brand Forum Las Vegas 14-Nov-22 16-Nov-22
Fintech World Forum London 24-Nov-22 25-Nov-22
Fintech Connect London 30-Nov-22 1-Dec-22
Embedded Finance North America by Fintech Talents San Francisco 1-Dec-22 1-Dec-22
FintechFuse by Finovate Virtual (Free) 8-Dec-22 9-Dec-22
Big Bank Theory by Tearsheet Virtual (Free) 8-Dec-22 9-Dec-22
Fintech Retreat San Francisco 30-Jan-23 30-Jan-23
Bank Automation Summit Charlotte, NC 2-Mar-23 3-Mar-23
Future Digital Finance by WBR Austin, TX 6-Mar-23 7-Mar-23
MoneyLive Summit London 8-Mar-23 9-Mar-23
FinovateEurope London 14-Mar-23 15-Mar-23
Fintech Meetup Las Vegas 19-Mar-23 22-Mar-23

Source: FintechLabs, 24 March 2023

Note: FintechLabs curates the financial technology event list based on our 20+ years in the business. Some events pay referral fees which could impact positioning.