Below is our curated list of the best global insurtech events and conferences for 2024. These are the largest events in the insurance industry geared towards technologists, program managers, marketers, developers and C-Suite execs at both legacy insurers and upstart insurance tech firms.

For the most part, insurance event planners are organizing in-person gatherings, often with a virtual option. Event details, dates, and prices are up-to-date at the time of publication but always check events websites for the latest.

If you are interested in broader fintech events such as Finovate or Money 20/20, refer to our larger fintech event calendar and/or other industry segment calendars:

Our other event calendars:

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Insurtech Conference & Tradeshow Calendar 2024

Name Location Start End Attendees* Speakers*
InsurTech Conference (Greece) Athens 23-Jan-24 23-Jan-24
TIN Tech London Market London 6-Feb-24 6-Feb-24
InsurTech(NY) Spring NYC 20-Mar-24 21-Mar-24 1,000 100
Insurtech Insights (UK) London 20-Mar-24 21-Mar-24 5,000 400
Global Insurtech Summit London 17-Apr-24 17-Apr-24 1,000
Insurance Innovators USA Nashville 22-Apr-24 23-Apr-24 1,000 150
Future of Insurance by Reuters Chicago 15-May-24 16-May-24
Digital Transformation in Insurance London 22-May-24 23-May-24 36
DIGIN by Digital Insurance Boca Raton, FL 27-Jun-24 28-Jun-24 800 100
Insurtech Insights NYC 5-Jun-23 6-Jun-23
Fintech Generations Insuretech Charlotte 12-Jun-24 13-Jun-24
Insurtech Connect (ITC) Las Vegas 15-Oct-24 17-Oct-24 9,000
Insurance Innovators Summit London 5-Nov-24 6-Nov-24
Previous events
Insurance Innovators Summit London 15-Nov-23 16-Nov-23
Insurtech Connect (ITC) Las Vegas 31-Oct-23 2-Nov-23 9,000
Future of Insurance by Reuters Chicago 27-Jun-23 28-Jun-23
Insurtech Connect (ITC) Europe Barcelona 27-Jun-23 29-Jun-23
Generations Fintech + Insuretech Charlotte 14-Jun-23 15-Jun-23
Insurtech Insights NYC 7-Jun-23 9-Jun-23
DIGIN by Digital Insurance San Francisco 5-Jun-23 7-Jun-23
Digital Transformation in Insurance London 23-May-23 24-May-23
InsurTech Hartford Symposium Uncasville, CT 2-May-23 3-May-23
Global Insurtech Summit London 18-Apr-23 18-Apr-23
Insurance Innovators USA Nashville 17-Apr-23 19-Apr-23
InsurTech(NY) Spring NYC 29-Mar-23 30-Mar-23
Insurtech Insights (UK) London 1-Mar-23 2-Mar-23
TIN Tech London Market London 7-Feb-23 7-Feb-23
InsurTech Conference (Greece) Athens 26-Jan-23 26-Jan-23

Source: FintechLabs, 5 Dec 2023