Lucy 4-min pitch & promo video

welucy-appscreen-medium According to Exton Consulting (as of July 2020), there 256 challenger banks worldwide. Entrepreneurs everywhere are seizing the opportunity provided by low-fixed-cost banking-as-a-service tools and loosening of regulatory restrictions to launch digital-only banks. Some are chartered banks, but many (most?) ride on the existing banking/payment rails through partnerships with traditional players.

Having been involved with several efforts back in the dot-com era, I’ve long been a fan. We need these niche-focused startups to serve as proving grounds for services that make banking/payments/lending better, especially for those not well-served by current players.

Lucy was founded in early 2020 dedicated to one important, and underserved group, women business owners. The Singapore-based startup has a globally diverse founding team and has its sights on multiple markets, starting in Southeast Asia.

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Description: Challenger bank for underbanked female entrepreneurs (see pitch above)

Product (see demo video below):
– Bank account with a debit card
– Salary advances
– Loans

HQ: Singapore

Founded: Jan 2020

Funding: US$750,000

Debbie Watkins, CEO
Hal Bosher, Director
Luke Janssen, Chairman

Employees: 8

Company links: Website | Linkedin | Instagram | Crunchbase

Lucy 5-min demo & promo video