Review of Zeta’s personal finance app + debit card geared towards couples (9 minutes)

This week, a belated Valentine’s gift for readers: PFM focused on couples, kids/parents (or any group with shared expenses). And as of Feb 9, debit cards for each person.

It’s not a new concept. One of the more popular Finovate demos was Yodlee’s Tandem (Best of Show FinovateFall 2013), centered around financial management for couples. It looks like that product was ahead of its time and never made it into production,

But eight years later there are several companies focused on solving this problem: HoneyDue’s joint bank account, SupportPay for divorced couples, and now Zeta (which unfortunately shares has the same name as FinovateWest Best of Show winner (other) Zeta).

Product highlights (see full review in video above):

  • Messaging between users about any transaction
  • Account aggregation to add any U.S. bank or card account
  • Mobile oriented, but with a desktop version as well
  • Optional unique debit card for each person in the group (i.e., can use PFM app without a Zeta card)
  • Free

Company vitals:

Description: Banking (debit cards) and PFM add designed for couples and/or families.

HQ: San Francisco

Founded: 2017

Funding: $1.5M (CB)

– 15,000 monthly website visitors (SEMrush)
– Named best personal finance app for couples (Business Insider, Feb 2021)

Aditi Shekar, CEO
Kevin Hopkins, Engineering Head

TechCrunch (9 Feb 2021)
ProductHunt (9 Feb 2021, 219 upvotes)
CNBC (6 Feb 2021)

Company links: Website | Twitter (606 followers)| Linkedin | Crunchbase