We’ve been obsessed with new fintech products since before the term was invented. This constantly updated article tracks the biggest and most important new products released worldwide by financial technology companies, along with banks, credit unions, investment advisors, insurance companies, credit card issuers and payment providers. We’ll also link to important demos, podcasts and YouTube videos. And since we can’t resist a good metric, vanity or otherwise, we’ll include customer, dollar or other significant milestones. However, we’ll refrain from listing funding rounds since they are covered widely online.

Spotlight Demo

Chimney | Founded 2020 | NYC | Tools for engaging with homeowners | Best of Show winner | Finovate | Sept 2023

Why it won:

  • 🏠 Home Value Content: Zillow’s popularity proves that home value information is popular
  • 💻 Digital Engagement: Chimney integrates home value and home equity within online banking enhancing user engagement.
  • 📈 Revenue Opportunities: Financial institutions can generate revenue by providing personalized loan and deposit offers
  • 📊 Property Data: Access to property data accelerates loan approvals and enhances the banking experience.
  • 💌 Automated Notifications: Regular updates on home value and equity can keep homeowners engaged and informed.

Table: The Best Fintech Product Launches of 2024 (so far)

Summary Company Date Product Sector Source Market/HQ
Apple introduces P2P payments via iPhone data exchange Apple 10 Jun 2024 Payments Consumer Techcrunch Worldwide
US Bank launches co-branded youth debit card and banking app powered by Greenlight US Bank/Greenlight 6 Jun 2024 Cards Youth Company USA
Ramp launches travel booking tools for its company cardholders Ramp 4 Jun 2024 Cards SMB Company USA
Plaid launched Consumer Report to help underwrige consumer loans Plaid 4 Jun 2024 Lending Consumer Company USA
SMB challenger bank Lili rolls out AI-powered financial management tools Lili 16 May 2024 Accounting SMB This Week in Fintech USA
Unicredit rolls out MasterCard TouchCards for visually impaired UniCredit 23 Apr 2024 Credit cards Consumer Finextra Europe
Klarna offers new card product with various repayment options Klarna 17 Apr 2024 Credit cards Consumer Fintech Takes USA
Mercury launches personal banking for founders Mercury Bank 17 Apr 2024 Banking Consumer Techcrunch USA
Revolut reveals its youth app, <18, now has more than 2 million users Revolut 11 Apr 2024 Banking Consumer/Youth Fintech Finance News Europe
Visa launches subscription management tools for issuing banks’ cardholders Visa 3 Apr 2024 Credit cards Consumer Company USA
Challenger bank N26 adds integrated ETF and stock trading N26 3 Apr 2024 Investing Consumer Fintech.Global Germany
Challenger Varo Bank launces $2,000 personal credit line Varo Bank 26 Mar 2024 Credit Consumer Company USA
Robinhood rebrands and relaunches X1 credit card Robinhood 26 Mar 2024 Cards Consumer Techcrunch USA
USA DOJ pressures Apple to allow other financial apps to tap the NFC chip for payments Apple 21 Mar 2024 Cards All Techcrunch USA
Chime adds tax returns for selected states (nationwide in 2025) Chime 20 Mar 2024 PFM Consumer CNet USA
FirstBank taps HighCircle and IntraFI to offer $125M FDIC protection to HNW clients FirstBank 15 Mar 2024 Deposits Private Banking Tearsheet USA
14 Mar 2024 Investing Consumer Financial Brand USA
Bank of America tweaks the UI of its chatbot Erica (paywall) BofA 14 Mar 2024 Service UI Consumer American Banker USA
Mastercard releases new subscription management tools Mastercard 13 Mar 2024 Cards All Fintech Global Worldwide
MoneyLion launches $10/mo premium subscription with cashback and other perks MoneyLion 7 Mar 2024 Banking Consumer Pymnts.com USA
CFPB caps late fees at $8, 75% lower than current $32 average CFPB 5 Mar 2024 Cards Consumer CFPB USA
Paypal launches new card processing solution in Europe and Canada Paypal 5 Mar 2024 Card processing SMB Fintech Finance News Europe/Canada
Chime adds cash-back cards to powered by Upside Chime 4 Mar 2024 Cards Consumer Pymnts.com USA
Citizens Bank receives patent for, Digital Butler, an automated concierage for business clients Citizens Bank 1 Mar 2024 Service SMB Bank Automation News USA
Sibstar attracts $150k for dementia-friendly spend management from UK’s Dragons Den Sibstar 1 Mar 2024 PFM Consumer/Seniors Fintech Finance News UK
Intuit launches new Quickbooks verson for “Solopreneurs” Intuit 26 Feb 2024 Accounting SMB The Paypers USA
TD Bank launches mobile payment processing for SMB merchants TD Bank 22 Feb 2024 Payments SMB Company North America
Bellwether Community Credit Union launches comprehensive cashback program Bellwether Community Credit Union 20 Feb 2024 Checking Consumer Prizeout (partner) USA
PostFinance launches crypto exchange PostFinance 20 Feb 2024 Crypto Consumer FintechNews Switzerland
Garanti BBVA about to launch card with built-in fingerprint reader Garanti BBVA 19 Feb 2024 Cards All The Paypers
Perenna launches interest-only mortgage geared at retireess Perenna 17 Feb 2024 Mortgage Consumer The Fintech Times UK
Revolut testing a low-fee crypto exchange with select customers Revolut 16 Feb 2024 Crypto Consumer Coindesk
Google Lab’s “Talk to a live representative” could be a valued feature for digital banking customers Google 15 Feb 2024 All All 9to5Google All
Subscribed.fyi is a new company helping SMBs track their SaaS subscriptions Subscribed.fyi 14 Feb 2024 Spend SMB ProductHunt
India’s Federal Bank introduces savings account packaged with a insurance, wellness benefits, eco-card and more Federal Bank 14 Feb 2024 Savings Consumer Mint India
13 Feb 2024 Security All Fintech Business Weekly All
Update on Dutch SMB challenger Finom which has raised nearly $100M in the past 2 years Finom 12 Feb 2024 Banking SMB Techcrunch Europe
Neon Money Club launches dating app for members with good credit Neon Money Club 12 Feb 2024 Credit Consumer Techcrunch USA
One Zero Bank rolls out AI21-powered AI assistant Ai21 12 Feb 2024 Service All Company Israel
Bankwell Bank testing AI co-pllot for SMB customers seeking loans Bankwell Bank 8 Feb 2024 Credit SMB
ABSA Bank launches WhatApp chat-based banking, which does not require a bank account ABSA 8 Feb 2024 Banking Unbanked Techpoint Africa South Africa
HSBC launches Zing, an FX/remittance service to take on Wise and others HSBC 6 Feb 2024 Remittances Consumer Bloomberg UK
Suma Wealth hits 1 million users Suma Wealth 6 Feb 2024 PFM Consumer Techcrunch USA
WiseAlpha launches white label solution for investing in fractional bonds WiseAlpha 2 Feb 2024 Investing Consumer FT
Finvest launches Treasury Bills investing service Finvest 31 Jan 2024 Investing Consumer Techcrunch
Apple Card reports 12 million users Apple 30 Jan 2024 Credit cards Consumer MacRumors Worldwide
Upgrade grows to 5 million customers after aquistion of Uplift Upgrade 30 Jan 2024 Lending Consumer American Banker USA
Klarna launches subscription service at $7.99/mo Klarna 24 Jan 2024 BNPL Consumer CNBC
Bilt Rewards doubles valuation to $3.1B Bilt Rewards 24 Jan 2024 Credit cards Consumer Techcrunch USA
Klarna is first BNPL serices with subscription ($7.99/mo) Klarna 24 Jan 2024 BNPL Consumer Techcrunch
American Express rolls out small business checking nationwide American Express 24 Jan 2024 Checking SMB Tearsheet
Tandem launches couples personal finance app Tandem 17 Jan 2024 PFM Consumer Techcrunch USA
Citi adds browser extension for shopping discounts powered by Wildfire Citibank 17 Jan 2024 Credit cards Consumer Finextra USA
CFPB wants to limit banking’s cash cow, capping NSF/OD fees from $3 to $14 17 Jan 2024 Checking All
N26 launches ETF trading N26 17 Jan 2024 Investing Consumer Techcrunch Germany
Varo adds free tax filing Varo 17 Jan 2024 Banking Consumer American Banker USA
Insurtech Zego launches insurance line covering non-delivery business vans Zego 17 Jan 2024 Insurance SMB Altfi UK
Current launches in-app tax filing powered by Column Tax Current 16 Jan 2024 Tax prep Consumer Company

Source: FintechLabs, 17 June 2024

Previous featured launches:

  • 26 Mar: Robinhood rebrands and relaunches X1 credit card | Credit Cards | USA
    Robinhood launched a Gold Card, challenging Apple Card with features like cash-back that can be invested, no annual or foreign transaction fees, family member cards, virtual card creation, and a new app. It’s exclusive to Robinhood Gold members and includes numberless physical cards for security.
  • 21 Mar: USA DOJ pressures Apple to allow third-party financial apps access to the NFC chip for payments | Credit/Debit Cards | USA
    The United States DOJ accuses Apple of stifling competition and innovation in payment services, alleging monopoly control over tap-to-pay transactions on iPhones. The case highlights Apple’s strategic position in digital wallets and its impact on the financial ecosystem.
  • 15 Mar: FirstBank taps High Circle and IntraFI to offer $125M FDIC protection to HNW clients | Investing/Deposits | USA
    FirstBank partnered with High Circle to offer banking solutions for the very wealthy. The collaboration leverages Banking-as-a-Service technology from Treasury Prime to embed bank accounts and payment systems within High Circle’s platform. Customers link their existing bank accounts to distribute funds across FDIC-insured partner banks for up to $125 million in FDIC insurance.
  • 14 Mar: Rundown of banks and credit unions offering tax-advantaged Health Savings Accounts (HSA) | Investing/Deposits | USA |
    Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) are a popular tax-advantaged way to save for healthcare costs in the United States. Banks and credit unions offer HSAs attempting to tap into market growth and help consumers save on healthcare. Financial institutions should consider HSAs to attract customers, enhance loyalty, and expand their financial product offerings, grow deposits and earn fee revenue 
  • 7 Mar:MoneyLion launches $10/mo premium subscription with cashback and other perks | Banking | Consumer
    MoneyLion introduced a premium subscription and AI-powered search to its financial management platform. These additions aim to support customer growth, enhance user engagement, and improve financial decision-making. The premium service, MoneyLion WOW, costs $9.99 per month. 
  • 4 Mar: CFPB caps late fees at $8, 75% lower than current $32 average | Credit cards | USA | Consumer
    The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) finalized a rule reducing credit card late fees from $32 to $8, targeting excessive charges by large issuers. This change is expected to save American families over $10 billion annually, affecting over 45 million people. The rule also stops automatic inflation adjustments for late fees and mandates issuers to justify any higher charges​.
  • 4 Mar: Neobank Chime adds cash-back cards powered by Upside | Debit/Credit cards | USA | Consumer
    Chime launched a cash-back feature in partnership with Upside for their debit and credit cards, called Chime Deals. This feature offers fee-free cash-back on everyday purchases like gas and groceries at over 30,000 locations. Members can activate deals through the Chime app and receive cash-back directly into their Chime checking account within ten days​​.
  • 1 Mar: Sibstar attracts $150k for dementia-friendly spend management from UK’s Dragons Den | PFM | Consumer | UK
    Jayne Sibley developed Sibstar, a debit card and app designed for people with dementia, after receiving £125K from Dragons’ Den. Sibstar helps users manage spending and promotes financial safety and independence, inspired by Sibley’s personal caregiving experience
  • 26 Feb: Intuit launches new Quickbooks version for “Solopreneurs” | Accounting | Small Business
    Intuit unveiled QuickBooks Solopreneur to simplify financial and tax management. It offers financial insights, trackable goals, and categorizes transactions, tailored for individuals managing one-person businesses. It is currently available online in the United States and is compatible with iOS and Android through the QuickBooks mobile app​.
  • 22 Feb: TD Bank launches mobile payment processing for SMB merchants (Press release) | Payments processing | SMB | USA
    TD Bank launched “Tap to Pay on iPhone” for small and micro businesses in the U.S., allowing them to accept all types of in-person, contactless payments directly through their iPhone, eliminating the need for additional POS hardware. This solution supports business flexibility and customer payment preferences, aiming to enhance the small and micro-business POS experience and support local economies​​.
  • 20 Feb – Press release: Bellwether Community CU launches comprehensive cashback program | Rewards | USA | Prizeout
    Prizeout launched CashBack+, a suite of cash-back products for credit unions.  Members can earn instant cash back from purchases, enhancing non-interest income for credit unions by up to 3% per transaction. The program integrates seamlessly with credit unions’ systems, offers cash back from over 450 national and thousands of local brands, and serves as a risk-free customer acquisition tool for brands. It’s aimed at helping credit unions compete with larger banks and benefit their members financially. It is in production at Bellwether Community Credit Union.
  • 20 Feb – FintechNews: PostFinance launches crypto exchange | Crypto | Consumer | Switzerland
    PostFinance is launching a new cryptocurrency service on 21 Feb 2024, allowing customers to buy and securely store 11 types of cryptocurrencies and set up crypto savings plans. This initiative, a first for a systemically important bank in Switzerland, aims to democratize the crypto market with user-friendly, transparent offerings and a low entry threshold of 50 USD. It represents a significant milestone for PostFinance and its partnership with the FINMA-regulated crypto bank, Sygnum
  • 17 Jan 2024
    Tandem | PFM | Spend Management
    Tandem is a fintech app for couples to jointly and individually manage finances, addressing financial co-management without requiring joint accounts. Launched in August 2023, it offers financial planning, saving, and spending tools to automate and streamline financial tasks for partners. The app has seen significant engagement and investment, highlighting a demand for financial solutions for contemporary relationships. Full article here