About Fintech Labs

Connecting Small Bussiness’s to NEW Fintech Technology

Fintech Labs was founded in 2001 by two financial services veterans. The goal of the Fintech SMB Center is to connect small business owners to the best new fintech services to help you manage, grow, and protect your business.

We primarily feature up-and-coming fintech companies, often referred to as challenger or digital banks, card issuers, lenders, insurance providers and others. We believe their focus on small and medium businesses makes them a viable alternative to the traditional national brands.

Editorial Guidelines & Affiliate Links
Fintech Labs publishes original, independent content written by and/or edited by our founders. We make money by consulting with financial institutions, fintech companies and event organizers. We also may receive compensation through partner affiliate programs. Though these partners do not influence our overall opinions, we may choose to highlight affiliated companies more prominently.