The 13 Biggest Fintech Awards Shows in 2024

The 13 Biggest Fintech Awards Shows in 2024

The fintech industry has seen a number of award programs crop up in the past few years. We estimate there are 40 to 50 different programs. Many are virtual affairs that cost $200 to $400 to enter, and the winners are announced with a press release and blog post. Far fewer include a competition and an event at the end to announce the winners. Our calendar is focused on the latter.

Why are award programs popular?

  • They recognize and celebrate outstanding achievements, creating good content for media companies and trade organizations
  • They help raise industry standards by highlighting novel new products, innovations and best practices
  • They offer valuable exposure for businesses and individuals elevating careers while improving business and fundraising results
  • Competitions provide intrigue, drama and fun

See our list of the 13 key Fintech awards programs below.

Event Spotlight

Celebrating the fintech industry’s best and brightest


The Finovate Awards recognize the companies driving fintech innovation forward and the individuals bringing new ideas to life. We crown 28 winners in fields like alternative investing, UX/CX, payments, DeFi, and more. See who comes out on top!


Winners announced September 10, 2024 at FinovateFall 

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Our other event calendars:

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2024 Fintech Awards Event Calendar

Event Location Date Organizer Began Entry Due Date Number of Awards Attendance
PayTech Awards London 28-Jun-24 FintechFutures 2018 15-Mar-24 35  
FinovateFall Best of Show NYC 9-Sep-24 Finovate 2007 15-Aug-24 7 2,000
Finovate Awards NYC 10-Sep-24 Finovate 2019 12-Jun-24 28  
Pay360 Awards London 2-Oct-24 The Payments Association 2008 5-Apr-24 21 950
Fintech Awards Dublin 4-Oct-24 iQuest/BusinessPost 2023 15-Aug-24 15  
Global Fintech Awards London 22-Oct-24 Fintech Magazine 2024 17-Jun-24 14  
US FIntech Awards NYC 14-Nov-24   2017 30-Aug-24 20  
Banking Tech Awards London 4-Dec-24 FintechFutures 2000 9-Aug-24 50  
Past Awards (2024)              
The Finnies Australia 6-Jun-24 Fintech Australia 2017   21  
Banking Tech Awards USA NYC 30-May-24 FintechFutures 2022   51  
FinovateSpring Best of Show SF 8-May-24 Finovate 2008   5 1,200
Fintech Awards Milan 14-Mar-24 ItaliaFintech 2023   12  
FinovateEurope Best of Show London 26-Feb-24 Finovate 2010   3 1,000

Source: Finovate, 11 June 2024

Note: FintechLabs curates the financial technology event list based on our 20+ years in the business. Some events pay referral or listing fees, which could impact positioning.