Making the INC 500 list of fastest-growing (USA) companies is not easy. First, you usually need a low revenue figure in the base year (2016 in this case), but it has to be at least $100k. Then the hard part: you have to grow like a weed for 36 months so that your 2019 top line is at least 10-fold higher (and at least $2M). And that’s just to make it to number 500. The top 10 grew an average of 250x in 3 years! The

It’s rare that a fintech company could ever achieve that type of velocity. Growing a trusted brand in the financial services sectors is generally a long process. That said, landing at number 8 this year is Nationwide Mortgage Bankers growing an astounding 160-fold. Even more impressive is that the company was founded in 2011 and is the rare two-time top-100 company having placed #51 last year.

But we consider Nationwide to be more of a financial services company than a fintech (though the definition is extremely fluid). While there were 33 financial services on the list, only 18 we consider to be fintech:

  • #46 Yieldstreet (62x): Alt-investment marketplace
  • #74 Taxfyle (46x): Connects taxpayers to CPAs
  • #97 Deserve (37x): Cloud-based credit card platform
  • #115 Embroker (32x): SMB insurance marketplace
  • #123 Ripple (31x): Crypto payment solutions
  • #288 Total Expert (17x): Marketing operating system for financial services
  • #295 PaymentCloud (15x): Merchant processing for ecommerce companies
  • #345 Applied Data Finance (14x): Measures credit risk of non-prime borrowers
  • #359 (13x): Digital mortgage banker
  • #360 LionDesk (13x): CRM for mortgage and real estate brokers
  • #395 Carta (12x): Cap table management
  • #402 Groundfloor (11x): Alt-real estate investment platform
  • #436 Fattmerchant (11x): Merchant card processing
  • #454 Paystand (11x): Payments-as-a-service provider
  • #486 LoanPaymentPro (10x): Payment processor

And, just slightly out of the 500 (but essentially tied given the precision of the data):

If you are on a hyper-growth curve, make sure to apply for the Inc 2021 list by next May. And while you are at it, please add your fintech startup to our database. Good luck!