Fintech Startup Opportunities

FintechLive is all about fintech, startups and short video pitches/demos. We are committed to offering exposure to newer fintech startups free-of-charge, always. But we also need to make a living, so established fintech companies are asked to pay (what we hope are) relatively modest fees to be part of the platform.

Fintech startups* are encouraged to post their pitch free of charge. The emphasis of a startup pitch is to explain what problem your company solves, why you are uniquely qualified to solve it, and for companies seeking funding (who isn’t), and how you make money. Non-startup fintech companies pay a small fee as follows:

  1. Fintech startups:* Pitch videos (3 min max) along with company information are hosted free of charge.
  2. Private fintech companies: Private fintech companies that no longer qualify as startups,* but that have launched since 2000, may upload a pitch video for a fee of US$1,500.
  3. Established fintech companies: Any fintech company not qualifying in #1 or #2, are invited to submit Product Demos.
*Startup definition: Any fintech company founded less than 3 years ago or any fintech company that has raised less than $5M and was founded less than 7 years ago. Everyone else is considered an established company.
Submit Your Startup

Fintech companies may post a 5-min product demo/explainer in addition to, or instead of the pitch video outlined above. The emphasis should be on a new product announcement and demo. Along with the video, fintech companies also receive a company page containing a summary of their company/product along with contact info, website URL and social media links. More importantly, the video will appear on the FintechLive homepage in the “Products” carousel and will appear in subject matter searches for 2 years. Prices are as follows:

  1. Fintech startups: US$500 one-time fee
  2. Private fintech companies (not startups*): US$3,500 one-time fee
  3. Established fintech companies: US$5,000 one-time fee or subscription of US$2,500 per month which allows 1 demo per month to be uploaded (carry over to next month allowed)


Startups and pitching

Is there a cost to pitch?

No, not for newer fintech startups who are invited to upload a pitch video (3 minutes maximum) and create a startup page. When approved, your video and company info will be hosted free of charge.

What qualifies as a startup (to get a free pitch video)?

Any fintech company that was founded less than 3 years ago (unlimited funding allowed); or that was founded less than 7 years ago but that has raised less than $5M. Other fintech companies are welcome, but platform fees apply (see Pricing page). 

What is considered “fintech” (financial technology)?

Any company that directly provides or supports the delivery of financial services (banking, investing, lending, insurance, wealth management, accounting, and related) through primarily digital methods.

How do we update our video/info?

You can update your pitch video and/or company info whenever you like. We’ll post the new video and take down the previous. Please use our Application form to upload the new pitch and updated company info. For minor changes to info or to simply swap out the pitch, email

Can we post more than one video?
You can choose to post as many new product videos as you like (subject to the Platform Fees), but only a single pitch video is allowed.
Are subsidiaries of larger companies considered startups?
Can non-fintech companies post pitches or product videos?

No, but see the Sponsorship page for opportunities to showcase your company.

Are there any geographic limitations to who participates?

No, we are actively looking for fintech startups around the globe.

How do you evaluate the applications for FintechLive?

Our goal is to support every fintech startup on the planet. However, we also do our best to keep any fraudulent or misleading company off our platform, so we may reach out for references before approving your application. And of course, we have the final say on what is shown on our platform.

Apply to Pitch

Thanks for your interest in FintechLive! All fintech startups are invited to apply. The application should take no longer than 5 to 10 minutes (not including your pitch video). There is no cost to apply or be featured (we make money from sponsors, NOT startups).

All approved startups will have their video pitch and company information published on our site, YouTube channel, and other media. In addition, selected startups will be featured in playlists that match various themes, such as Digital Applications & Onboarding. Finally, all companies will be entered into our Startup of the Year awards announced in December.

Please complete the following form and then upload a video pitch that is a maximum 3 minutes in length. Email if you have questions or comments.

Describe your company in not more than 40 words.

Please describe your company in not more than 200 words.

Describe your ideal customer in not more than 40 words.

Enter the founders' full names, job tiles, Linkedin or Twitter profile URLs.

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Please upload a SQUARE version of your company logo, logos of other sizes would be cropped. Recommended size: At least 600px on each side. File size should not be more than 5mb. Only JPG and PNG files are allowed.

Please upload a screenshot or graphic of your product that you will like to feature on your Startup page. Recommended size: At least 600px on each side. File size should not be more than 5mb. Only JPG and PNG files are allowed.

Please include http:// or https:// in your URL.

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For B2B companies, name up to 3 customers.

Select your main industry vertical.

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What are your secondary industry vertical(s)? Choose up to 3.

How many full-time (equivalent) employees do you have, including founders and contractors?

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Pitch videos should not exceed 3 mins and demo videos should not exceed 6 mins. Please upload your videos to our Dropbox account here:

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