It’s my favorite time of year, no not the dog days of summer, its the publication of the latest Inc 5000 list (the 5,000 fastest-growing private companies in the United States ranked by ranked by 3-year top-line growth). I’ve made it through the first 500 and identified 21 (4% of the total) that could be considered fintech under a fairly broad definition of that term. I’m a little surprised there are not more, but this is a list of self-reported revenue growth, not VC funding, valuation or any longer-term metric. Also, it doesn’t include companies that prefer not to share their metrics (e.g. Stripe, Credit Karma, etc).

Inc # Name ’17 Revs (M)          Sector/Type Website
27 Funded Today $12 Crowdfunding: Services
35 Fundrise $15 Crowdfunding: Real estate marketplace
43 HomeSnap $9 Real Estate: Software
69 Fundera $9 Lending: SMB marketplace
71 Compass $371 Real Estate: Marketplace
117 SeedInvest $5 Crowdfunding: Equity markeplace
125 Carta $16 Equity: Services
139 Cardflight $5 Payments: Mobile POS
140 StudentLoanHero $11 Lending: Student loans
166 RealtyShares $13 Crowdfunding: Real estate marketplace
168 XY Planning Network $3 Wealth Management: Platform
284 Alkami Technology $27 Digital Banking: Platform
297 Trov $3 Insurance: On-demand
313 SmartBiz Loans $24 Lending: SMB marketplace
337 Total Expert $5 Financial marketing technology
351 $26 Insurance: Health ins marketplace
352 Home Invest $9 Crowdfunding: Real estate marketplace
359 SimpleNexus $4 Mortgage: Origination platform
385 FormulaFolio $29 Wealth Management: Platform
393 TechCanary $3 Insurance: Platform
397 Insikt $25 Lending: POS platform