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Corporate Charge or Credit Cards for SMBs

With Brex's meteoric rise from zero to $8B in just 4 years, there has been considerable attention to, and investment in business credit/charge cards (see definition below). The most recent example: Divvy's $2.5B exit to less than 5 years after founding, a value increase of almost $50M per MONTH!

Below are the challenger SMB business credit/charge cards currently active in the United States.

The FAB Score Ranking (Fintech Attention Barometer) is a proxy for the size of a private fintech company.

Last Updated: August 2021
CompanyLearn MoreFAB Score*FoundedFunding ($M)
DivvyDivvy ($418ApplyUtah429 Aug 2021270,000$165.0$253.0
RampRamp8882019$1,360ApplyNYC229 Aug '21690,000$595.0$15.0
ExpensifyExpensify4802008$401ApplySF329 Aug 20211,700,000$0.0$38.232000
Bonsai logoBonsai12520160.1Apply500,000
Tribal-logoTribal812016$143ApplySF629 Aug 20214,400$34.3$9.1370
TeamPay-logoTeampay432016$80ApplyNYC1029 Aug 20218,300$5.0$16.0
Center-logoCenter402018$70ApplySeattle1429 Aug 20212,900$0.0$5.0
Karat-logoKarat362019$46ApplySF729 Aug 202111,000$26.0$4.6
Bento-logoBento (US Bank)312014$25ApplySF929 Aug 202194,000$0.0$18.52155000
PEX-logoPEX202007$5ApplyNYC1129 Aug 202181,000$0.0$4.92540113000
Lola-logoLola (Capital One)182015$82ApplyBoston829 Aug 20218,200$0.0$81.7 (was FunnelDash)42016$4.0ApplyAustin1529 Aug 20218,100$0.0$0.5
SwipeDom-logoProfit (was SWIPEDOM)42019$1.0ApplyNYC1229 Aug 20214,900$0.0$0.5430
ComCard-logoComCard42019$0ApplyLA1329 Aug 2021700$0.0$0.2

Source: FintechLabs, 3 June 2022 from Crunchbase, SimilarWeb, SEMrush and other news sources

*FAB SCORE:  The FAB score, Fintech Attention Barometer, is a proxy for the overall size of a private company since they typically do not release traditional metrics (# customers, deposits, AUM, etc). The score is based on VC funding, website traffic, mobile downloads, and the number of employees. It's a work in progress, so expect changes in the formula.

Definition: To qualify, challengers don't need to issue cards themselves or be regulated as a financial institution. Startups must focus on small-business charge/credit cards delivered digitally (rules out Wells Fargo, BofA, and the majority of traditional banks). We will include divisions of traditional FIs if they operate under a separate autonomous brand, such as American Express's Kabbage unit.  

FAB Score*FoundedFunding $M$152$19$171 Francisco2019$75$1,700
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Company OverviewFAB Score*FoundedFunding $M
national funding logo tightAd1999$105San Diego
SMB Lenders: Kabbage Continues to Cook Under American Express Ownership36220082500Atlanta
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Last Updated: August 2021
CompanyFAB Score*FoundedFunding ($M)
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Updated June 2021
FAB Score*FoundedFunding ($M)
802017$306Wash DC
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