first tech IRA homepage

BUX-websit-review-graphicFresh from our look at the top-10 banks and their relative lack of visibility on IRAs (and tax matters in general), I ran across First Tech FCU’s great effort today (see above). Not only do they feature IRAs as one of five promos rotating across the homepage (it’s second on the carousel, but has an always-on thumbnail), the CU also has a timely 1098/1099INT notice and article link running across the top.

The IRA promotion is for a 45-minute webinar, All About IRAs, on Feb 22 conducted by Addison Avenue Investments, a division of First Tech. The focus appears to be on 401k rollovers, which is where the big balances can be found. We like the webinar approach lead gen. But for those not in the rollover market, we’d like to see the registration page include link(s) to other IRA resources at the credit union.

Banking UX Score
We ran First Tech through our 10-point product visibility matrix (see note 1) and they scored 82% or Excellent. The credit union outscored 10 banks, although the 1-point differential against Wells Fargo is essentially a tie for first. Click on the image below to see specific comments. The Wells Fargo score is on the far right for comparison.

first tech ira ux score

1. At BankingUX Advisors, our primary business is analyzing digital channels at financial institutions and providing course corrections to optimize the experience. Please let us know if you’d like to be part of our 2017 Benchmarking Study.