Full recording of the CEE/SME Banking Club conference with 6 fintech startup pitches (9 hours; 25 Nov 2020)

With the holidays, it’s been harder to find new fintech startup pitches to showcase here. The most recent event was the CEE SME Banking Club Conference which convened virtually for its 6th annual event focused on fintech startups and financial services in the Central & Eastern Europe region. A recording of the full day is displayed above. Its 2021 edition, which we all hope takes place in-person, is scheduled for 2 October in Kiev, Ukraine (see full global Fintech Conference Calendar here).

For those of you focused on startups, here are the 6 startup pitches (which run from 7:49 to 8:13 in the video above).


Description: All-in-one experience management solutions to listen better, resolve faster and sell more.

HQ: London

Funding: $5M

Founded: 2014

Founder/speaker: Ozkan Aykut Demir

Company links: Website | Twitter | Linkedin | Crunchbase

Ninja Lender

Description: Our mission is to change the way every person and every organization get loans.

HQ: Warsaw, Poland

Founded: 2018

Founder/speaker: Yaroslav Dubov

Company links: Website | Twitter | LinkedinCrunchbase


Description: Open Banking at Work. Finqware builds a middleware financial API aggregation platform to interconnect businesses and fintechs with financial service providers.

HQ: Bucharest, Romania

Founded: 2018

Founder/Speaker: Cosmin Cosma

Company links: Website | Twitter | Linkedin | Crunchbase


Description: Marketplace for banks to sell assets (for example, REO-real estate owned)

HQ: Romania

Founded: 2018

Founder/Speaker: Charis Stengos

Company links: Website | Linkedin | Pitchbook


Description: Digital archiving solution for small merchants and banks

HQ: Zagreb, Croatia

Founded: Oct 2020

Founder/speaker: Gordana Mrković

Company link: Website


Description: Digital securitization as a service

HQ: London

Founded: July 2020

Founder/Speaker: Manrui Tang

Company link: Website | Twitter | Linkedin