The pandemic slowed the introduction of new events. In the fintech space, only Fintech Meetup, launched in 2021, has reached critical mass this decade. Last week’s event in Las Vegas attracted a self-reported 4,000 attendees and was the talk of the fintech pods and Substacks the last few weeks. However, as a product-focused conference producer, I don’t fully understand the appeal of this networking-first event.
But there is another event debuting this year that I completely get, Fin + AI 2024  It could easily become a fixture on the fintech conference circuit. The event is organized by industry veteran Bruce Burke who first landed on the events radar with his well-timed Social Mobile Payments conference launched in 2011. This time around he’s going after an even bigger market, AI in financial services.
Event overview:
  • Oct 3 & 4 in Fort Lauderdale with an opening reception Oct 2
  • Keynote speakers include Chris Skinner and IBM’s Paolo Sironi
  • Multi-track
  • Currently soliciting speaking proposals (here)
  • Anticipating 500+ attendees
  • Early-bird pricing is currently in effect at $1,195 per ticket, a $500 discount.
Finally, it’s only fitting that I gave OpenAI’s ChatGPT a chance to convince you to attend an AI event in 2024. Here’s why it thinks you should attend (full disclosure, #10 is mine):
  1. Stay Updated: Learn the latest AI trends reshaping the financial services industry
  2. Network: Connect with industry peers, thought leaders, and potential partners.
  3. Real-world Insights: Gain practical knowledge from successful AI application case studies
  4. Discover New Technologies: Explore new AI tools and services for finance
  5. Enhance Skills: Deepen understanding of AI through expert-led sessions
  6. Gain Competitive Edge: Leverage emerging technologies for market leadership
  7. Understand Regulations: Navigate AI compliance and ethical considerations
  8. Inform Strategies: Use insights for smarter AI investment and integration
  9. Inspire Innovation: Spark new ideas and innovative financial strategies
  10. Impress Your Family & Friends: “Doing AI R&D” is a better conversation starter than “digital banking”