Last time I checked it was 2017. Why would a major bank refuse to do business with people outside its branch footprint? What if I was about to take a new job in Manhattan and wanted to set up an account before moving?

These are questions I know have for TD Bank which apparently only offers checking accounts in 15 eastern states and the District of Columbia (see screenshot above). And even if TD has a valid reason, like the accounts have been found to be unprofitable long-term or they don’t want the regulatory burden, why leave the customer hanging? At least have the courtesy to explain why the form has become unresponsive and seemingly at a dead-end. Technically, you can click the exit button in the lower left, but honestly would 1 out of 10 users even see that? Fortunately, the back button works. But after going backwards you end up feeling slightly unsafe after leaving giving your name, address (less state), and email hanging in the middle of the purchase process.

Bottom line: Instead of leaving prospective customers hanging, why not cross sell your brokerage account which is available in all 50 states? Or make a deal with Wells Fargo and send them your westerners for $50 each? Or at least send shoppers to Kasasa or FindaBetterBank to look for a new account. At least throw them a bone and provide a button that allows them to explain they are moving to Manhattan.