Techstars has had a busy October with at least one demo day per week. The latest, the Atlanta cohort assembled with the assistance of partner Cox (full roster here). There were two fintech companies pitching, Toronto’s Treasure and Seattle-based Arrived Homes both tackling big problems with the always exciting direct-to-consumer model. Check out their 3-minute pitches below.

Treasure’s 3-min pitch @Techstars Atlanta (Oct 2020)


Description: Digital bank for kids (with debit card)

Business model: Direct-to-consumer

HQ: Toronto, Canada

Matt O’Leary, CEO
Aron Jones, CTO

Status: In private beta, launching in Canada Nov. 26 (2020) with USA next year

Company links: Website | Twitter | Angel List | Crunchbase | LinkedIn

Arrived Homes 3-min pitch @Techstars Atlanta (Oct 2020)


Description: Platform for investing in equity shares of rental homes

Business model: Direct-to-consumer

HQ: Seattle, WA

Ryan Frazier, CEO
Kenny Cason, CTO
Alejandro Chouza, COO

Raised: Unknown

Status: First 2 properties are live, with “large credit limit” secured to buy more properties

– 2,000 person waitlist
– First 2 homes are on the platform (with projected returns of about 10%), and are oversubscribed by 50 investors

Geekwire (22 Oct 2020)

Company links: Website | Twitter | Angel List | Crunchbase


48-min podcast with Arrived Homes founder Ryan Frazier (7 Oct 2019)