Not that I needed a reminder that tax season is upon us, still, the note from Capital One in this week was a pleasant surprise. The email recapped likely charitable transactions, several that I would have surely forgotten.CapOne charitable tax blog post

Often in the digital banking world we lose sight that a great customer experience is not just about a great digital experience, but also through all the customer touchpoints. Though this was a simple communication, it gave me the reassurance and peace of mind that CapOne is proactive in looking out for my best interest.


  • The communication was timely, 30 days before U.S. tax deadline
  • It was personalized with my donation transactions
  • It was nicely formatted and well organized
  • There was a convenient link to sign in to my account
  • There was a link to the IRS to learn more about eligible tax deductions
  • It saved me money
  • And best of all…It was unexpected and I didn’t have to do anything!

Bottom line: The email is a good reminder how we can be delighted with simple, personal and contextual messages leading to more customer engagement.