Launched in 2010, New York City’s Fintech Innovation Lab is the longest-running fintech-only accelerator. In those 10 years, 79 companies have graduated from the 12-week program. Collectively raising $1.2B and creating 1,200 jobs.

The 10 startups delivered pre-recorded 3-minute no-slide pitches in the June 25, 2020 session (full stream embedded below, see the startup list for timestamps to navigate directly to an individual pitch). In addition, each startup recorded a 6-minute demo (embedded after each startup below).

Bonus footage: Maria Gotsch interviews Union Square Venture’s extremely influential founder Fred Wilson (starts 34:20).

Livestream of all ten 3-min pitches + interview with Fred Wilson

Order of demos (note each pitch is preceded by a short intro from one of the accelerator’s FI partners):

Knoema (15:18)
Helps companies manage, catalog, and discover data assets.

SigmaRatings (19:26)
Counterparty-risk platform that automates risk benchmarking and monitors non-credit risks.

DataFleets (23:30)
Analyzes sensitive data to generate business insights without compromising data privacy.

Alkymi (27:12)
Extracts business data from email and documents to automate tasks and drive real-time decisions.

Summer (30:55)
Optimizes repayment plans for student loan borrowers.

Arthur AI (1:00:52)
Monitors AI algorithms to detect AI model issues.

ClauseMatch (1:05:19)
Document collaboration software for FI compliance and risk teams.

True Flood Risk (1:09:05)
Leverages street-view imagery to provide insurers and governments with flood risk data for individual properties.

Broker Buddha (1:12:40)
Online application platform for insurance customers.

SkyHive (1:16:16)
Evaluates employees’ capabilities, assess future requirements and equip them with new skills.