penfed ios updateJust when I thought our digital design template was complete, we run into another item to address on the road to the perfect UX. Today, it is spellcheck. While it’s a wonderful tool, you absolutely do not want it enabled in the username field. Thanks to PenFed, who just removed that annoyance in its latest iOS update (see note below; v2.7.1 updated 2/17/17), for bringing it to light.

In addition, you should probably disable spellcheck for users in live chat sessions so they don’t get bogged down with spelling corrections as they try to articulate a point. In addition, search should auto-correct, but the changes should always be revealed.

Note: There is nothing wrong with PenFed’s app update information (see inset). I like that it’s concise and to the point. The last dozen updates (see version history in iTunes) have followed this quick bullet-point format. However, it would be nice if every few months the CU spent a few more minutes making the update read more like a member communication. It just shows you care. For example:

Good morning mobile users. We’ve made a few small improvements to your app:

  • Turned off the annoying spellcheck in the username field. Feel free to misspell away.
  • Cardholders can now access our cool new credit card <insert card name> in the Accounts area
  • And of course, we squashed bugs and made everything work just a bit smoother

If we’ve missed anything, please let us know at Thanks. — PenFed mobile team