As a non-commuter, I was a latecomer to podcasting. But ever since scoring wireless earbuds last year I’ve become something of an addict. Podcasts are the perfect accompaniment to solo morning dog walks and other mundane tasks.

I mostly listen to shows focusing on startups in general (The Pitch, Startup, Mixergy), fintech of course (Fintech Insider, Breaking Banks, American Banker), as well as a few wildcards to stay abreast of general news and tech (The Daily, TED Talks, Recode). Listening at 1.5x speed provides the perfect pace and I’m not shy about deleting an episode when my attention wanders.

Here’s a recent find from a talented financial advisor, Jason Pereira called The Fintech Impact. It focuses on the technology of wealth management and customer experience. And I keep going back to it because he’s such a fintech geek, provides a good variety of guests, and he’s in Toronto (so it’s good to get a little more education about the Canadian fintech ecosystem).

The latest episode was particularly interesting if you like to geek out about how to run a modern small financial services firm using state-of-the-art SaaS services. It’s a must listen if you are an independent financial advisor. But I’m posting because there are lessons here for larger firms looking to be as agile as the small players.

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