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FintechLive is the place to go to discover new fintech ideas presented through startup pitches and longer demos. Our audience of fintech investors, financial services execs, and industry insiders counts on us to find the latest startup pitches, virtual events, and conferences. FintechLive is a production of Fintech Labs.

We are looking for a maximum of three fintech or tech companies to sponsor various themed startup pitch contests, better known as “Demo Days” (for example, Millennial/GenZ Investing Startups). Minimum investment is $5,000 per month with a 6-month commitment. Please contact for more info. Sponsors receive recognition on our homepage, top billing on theme pages, a 5-min product video, inclusion in our events calendar, as well as mentions in social media/marketing messages and anything else we can reasonably do for you.

We have several opportunities available to showcase your company event or webinar within our calendar and/or website. See the List My Event section for details.

We would consider co-branding the site with a major fintech or tech company brand.

Contact the founders to discuss ( or


About Us

Who runs FintechLive from Fintech Labs?

 FintechLive is a new service from Fintech Labs which draws on our decade-plus experience in the financial services industry. We have studied thousands of banking, lending, investing and personal finance websites and delivered custom user-experience analysis for financial institutions both large and small.

What else does FintechLabs do?

We have a financial services UX/CX consultancy that offers a site certification program called BUX Certified. See the BUX Certified website for more info.

Who owns FintechLive/FintechLabs?

We are a privately-held business with no investors or corporate ties other than advertising/sponsors clearly labeled on the website.

Advertising disclosure?

Advertising/sponsorship, along with lead generation for our own consulting practice, is our primary business model. All sponsored content will be labeled.

Investment disclosures?

The founders dabble in angel investing and in rare cases could own a small stake in a listed startup. If that occurs, it will be disclosed.