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Online and mobile channels continue to grow in importance. But how do you know if your digital channels are effective? Asking your employees, vendors, or even customers can lead to incorrect assumptions. Those sources, while valuable, can be biased and/or unaware of industry best practices.

What you need is an unbiased, third-party review of your digital banking strengths and weaknesses along with recommendations on how to move it to the next level. That’s our specialty. Our actionable insights provide your team with the information they need to improve the overall customer experience. Generally, financial institutions that follow our best practice guidelines tend to have increased conversion rates, higher engagement rates, and a more loyal customer base.

We analyze your website, mobile application(s) and digital banking program in detail, then provide a prioritized report and action plan for a fraction of the cost of doing the work yourself. Each analysis is custom-tailored to your needs. But typically, we look at the following areas:

Home page/screen




Account management areas

Login screens


Account opening process

Promotions & sales funnel

Visual Design

Online Banking Channels

Help & Support


Customer Engagement

Confidence & Trust

Mobile Banking

Bill Pay

Features & Products

Each area is analyzed in detail and rated for customer experience effectiveness. Areas for improvement are highlighted and prioritized. The action plan includes thorough explanations on how to optimize the experience along with numerous examples from other financial institutions. Each area is compared and scored against our proprietary customer experience framework which includes more than 400+ best-practice guidelines. Typically, the complete analysis is more than 100 pages in length, with a six-to-eight-page executive summary conveniently loaded into a Powerpoint slideshow.

We also perform usability analysis on smaller subsets of your digital offering. Here are some of the more focused projects we’ve done:

Loan application analysis

Your online loan/product application forms are essential for a profitable web presence. Well-constructed applications decrease abandonment and increase overall approval rates and sales. This custom analysis, which looks not only at forms design, but at the entire application process, results in a 30-to-50-page comprehensive report with detailed examples and an action plan.

Secure account management analysis

For most financial institutions, the post-login secure area is the heart of digital banking. This detailed analysis includes a 60-to-80-page custom report and action plan complete with detailed illustrations and examples from leading financial institutions.

Mobile channel analysis

Online interactions are increasingly mobile. But the user experience on the small screen is very different than on the desktop. Does your financial institution have what it takes to remain competitive in this new channel? Our detailed analysis will help you identify gaps and more importantly, create an action plan to match the offerings of the mobile leaders.

Digital banking performance audit

You may have a well-designed, fast-loading and intuitive online and mobile site. But are you offering the features that customers are looking for now and beyond? Worry no more, because our detailed report will spell out what you are missing, and provide recommendations for making needed additions in a cost-effective manner.

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