• Information Services
  • Wealth management/Private banking

Enables FIs to build interactive client experiences.

TelosTouch enables advisors to engage their clients remotely and to serve them at scale. We reveal changing needs in real-time then identify segments that will benefit from the same service. With our insights, advisors can easily serve these groups while communicating the difference they make. Our real-time engagement technology creates insights that advisors need but don’t have for a deeper understanding of client context and behavior. Advice becomes timely, transparent, and personalized at scale, delivering a new relationship standard – what we like to call, Augmented RelationshipsTM. TelosTouch easily complements existing systems and delivers quick wins from day one.

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  • Wealth management/Private banking
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    • Jad Chehlawi,
    • Chief Executive Officer

    Toronto, Ontario, Canada



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    15 per TelosTouch website as of Sept 2020

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