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  • Challenger banks/neo-banks
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SPENDiD is an API solution that allows developers in digital banking and fintech to profit by offering users addictively simple cash-flow health awareness and budgeting experiences

SPENDiD is the first of its kind, elegantly simple API solution that harmonizes consumer spending behavior and digital banking services. Here’s how.

SPENDiD’s API offers digital banking and fintech developers access to its carefully researched consumer spending data gathered from multiple unimpeachable sources. Then SPENDiD instantly applies its proprietary algorithms enabling radically simple cash flow health awareness, peer spending behavior comparisons and insights, automated budget guidance, and personalized marketing perspectives for the providing financial institution or fintech.

Further, as we approach the “post-pandemic” economy there will an urgent and growing need for valid secondary lending metrics for “thin credit file” applicants and others whose traditional credit scores have been “COVID-damaged” possibly due to no fault of their own. SPENDiD’s uniquely simple yet highly intuitive current cash-flow scoring allows FIs to potentially approve loans to persons who might not otherwise qualify under traditional underwriting practices alone.

SPENDiD appeals to the consumer by offering simple cash flow health awareness and a “done for you” approach to budgeting. In return for offering this unique and addictive consumer experience, the provider of a SPENDiD powered solution will enjoy higher engagement and customer loyalty, plus capture truly relevant spending behavior data about each account holder enabling profitable needs-based personalization of marketing outreach and cross-selling efforts.

Target Customers

Innovative financial institutions and their platform providers able to partner with 3rd party APIs offering high impact technology resulting in more loyal and engaged account holders and valuable data insight for more personalized and profitable targeted marketing.

Current Customers

SPENDiD is pre-revenue stage. Our MVP product will soon be pilot tested by companies we're not allowed to announce as of yet.

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  • Main: Challenger banks/neo-banks
  • Challenger banks/neo-banks
  • CX/UX/MX
  • Personal finance management
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