QUIN Technologies GmbH

  • Financial inclusion
  • Financial inclusion
  • Wealth management/Private banking

QUIN is a fully digital, free investment advisor. It helps you build and monitor a cost-efficient ETF-portfolio at the bank of your choice.

QUIN is a do-it-yourself investment software that helps individuals to make better investing decisions. The company’s proprietary technology enables users to build, monitor, and optimise their customised ETF portfolio.

Targeted at millennials, QUIN guide them as closely and personally as possible from sign-up to trade execution in their bank’s account. In the wake of the democratisation of trading, QUIN puts strong emphasis on financial education by providing its users with free content to make sure their knowledge grows in line with their portfolio.

The company was founded in May 2020 in Berlin and announced in October the closing of a €1m seed financing round.

Target Customers

Young professionals, who started to work in recent years and earns more than they spend. Their savings generate 0% interest since they find it difficult to approach the finance market. They do things self-directed.

Industry Verticals

  • Main: Financial inclusion
  • Financial inclusion
  • Wealth management/Private banking
  • Company Overview

    • Christian Rokitta,
    • CEO
    • Raphael Steil,
    • COO


    Current Money Raised

    $ 1,238,000

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    Last updated on November 6th, 2020