Mythic Markets

Facilitates investing in fractional shares of alt-assets such as vintage comic books, collectible cards and fantasy art.

Mythic Markets is an investing platform to buy, sell and trade fractional shares in rare pop culture collectibles. It allows anybody to buy, sell, and trade fractional shares in alternative assets with massive fandoms. Starting with pop culture collectibles, they’re securitizing vintage comic books and collectible cards, allowing fans to invest in the things they love

Target Customers

Mythic Markets is aninvesting platform and community for pop culture fans.

Industry Verticals

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Company Overview

  • Joe Mahavuthivanij,
  • Co-Founder and CEO
  • Debra Lin,
  • Co-Founder

San Francisco Bay Area, West Coast, Western US



No. of Employees

8 per Mythic Markets website

Current Money Raised

$2M per Crunchbase

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