Lemon Cash

  • Cryptocurrency
  • Financial inclusion
  • Payments
  • Personal finance management

We are creating an all-in-one super app for people to transition between traditional commerce and finances into the new digital economy.

Vision: Accelerate the transition into the future of commerce and money.

Our mission is to bridge the gap between financial excluded with banking and the new economy, freeing finances, making them sustainable, independent and creating a borderless economy for everyone.

We are creating a large merchant and user base that enjoy the traditional services such as payment processing or neo-banking, with the aggregated value of blockChain technologies. They can directly interact with DeFi, cryptocurrencies, innovative investment products and more.

Target Customers

b2c: Freelancers, digital nomads, Un-banked and sub-banked, Blockchain enthusiast | b2b: Merchants without or with reduced digital presence Retail companies looking to engage their customers (Loyalty programs) Financial services providers

Current Customers

Retail Corporates, looking to digitalize their operations and engage their customer base with innovative loyalty programs.
Financial institutions looking to expand their value proposition and service B2c
Merchants with low/non existing online presence

Industry Verticals

  • Main: Cryptocurrency
  • Financial inclusion
  • Payments
  • Personal finance management
  • Company Overview

    • Alan Boryszanski,
    • CFO
    • Marcelo Cavazzoli,
    • CEO
    • Borja Martel Seward,
    • CCO

    Buenos Aires, Argentina


    April 2020

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    Last updated on November 6th, 2020