• Regulatory/compliance
  • Platform for global business verification KYC/KYB.

Since 2012, kompany has been the international leader in global business verification, providing advanced solutions to financial institutions and corporations around the world for all their Business KYC (or KYB) needs. During this time we’ve expanded our international reach to serve over 50,000 customers across more than 100 countries.

kompany is headquartered in Vienna, Austria, where we are licensed as an Official Government Clearing House of the Austrian Registrar. This designation gives us a valued trusted status to support the continued expansion of our global network of official registers.

Our team has grown to include industry professionals from a wide range of disciplines, including many with compliance & KYC backgrounds and first-hand experience of the increasing challenges of managing due diligence processes today.

Target Customers

Financial institutions and corporations

Industry Verticals

  • Main: Regulatory/compliance
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    Company Overview

    • Peter Bainbridge-Clayton,
    • CTO & Founder
    • Russell Perry ,
    • Founder & CEO

    Vienna, Wien, Austria


    Feb 29, 2012

    No. of Employees

    15 per Crunchbase

    Current Money Raised

    $15.5M per Crunchbase

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