• Customer service
  • Artificial Intelligence

Glia’s Digital Customer Service solution brings the in-person experience to all customer interactions – whether they start online or on the phone.

Glia (formerly SaleMove) enables companies to deliver an in-person customer experience online. With a single line of code, companies can identify and engage their highest-value web visitors through video, voice, chat, and CoBrowsing to increase online conversions and improve customer support.

Target Customers

Customer-focused financial institutions like banks, credit unions, and insurance companies are among Glia’s best clients.

Current Customers

PSECU, Orion, United Healthcare

Industry Verticals

  • Main: Customer service
  • Artificial Intelligence
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    Company Overview

    • Daniel Michaeli,
    • Founder & CEO
    • Justin DiPietro,
    • Co-Founder & COO
    • Carlos Paniagua,
    • CTO & Co-Founder

    New York, New York, United States


    May 29, 2012

    No. of Employees

    80 per Owler

    Current Money Raised

    $20M per Owler

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