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Due diligence scorecard for M&A

DiliVer is an award-winning, venture-funded financial technology (FinTech) M&A software company with specialized due diligence solutions that help yield better combined entity outcomes based on advanced analytics for enterprise performance and growth potential. The software also provides additional M&A transaction life-cycle benefits, including a less painful and more accurate due diligence process, and, when combined with other M&A software packages, better deal sourcing, valuations, and post-merger integrations.

Our industry-specific (“domain-verticalized”)/data-driven (“scorecard-powered”) applications reflect a new M&A deal paradigm that improves the quality and reduces the risk of M&A transactions for strategic/financial buyers (e.g., large corporations, private equity firms), all stages of sellers wishing to position themselves for future M&A transactions (e.g., established companies, emerging small businesses), and their intermediaries (e.g., advisors, specialists) when forming new combined entities.

DiliVer’s customers include companies or individuals that either conduct M&A financial, legal, or operational (our sweet spot) due diligence services directly or require such services on an outsourced basis.

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Direct to investors in private companies

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