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  • The Amber app is the easiest way to invest in Bitcoin.

We believe everyone should be able to own some Bitcoin. We work tirelessly to design products that make it easier for both seasoned ‘bitcoiners’ and first time investors alike to gain safe and simple access to Bitcoin. Our aim is to build to be a level playing field for all.

Amber is committed to staying solely focussed on Bitcoin. Whilst it may appear that other cryptocurrencies or digital tokens are similar, this is simply not the case. Bitcoin’s fundamental properties, fixed supply and broad social consensus are unique. Furthermore, by staying focused on Bitcoin we are able to build a rich product that helps our community build enduring wealth.

Investing is often emotional, and emotion is often bad for investment. Amber’s goal is to take emotion out of the equation by providing a platform of sensible accumulation strategies, with a strong focus on automation. Dollar Cost Averaging is just the beginning. We will continue to harness design and technology to build tools that simplify access for everyone.

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Investment community, Banks, Financial institutions

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    • Aleksandar Svetski,
    • Chief Executive Officer

    Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


    Sep 28, 2017

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