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  • Aart’s SaaS solution allows customization of plastic and virtual credit/debit cards with user-selected photos – both virtual and plastic.

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We did customization of payment cards for banks. This year we pivoted to B2C. Now we are offering the turnkey solution to customize gift payment cards.

There is a trillion-dollar market of gift cards in the US. The problem we were solving is most of the gifts end up being returned or never used, even though we spend a lot of time choosing and buying them. In fact, people receive useless gifts and prefer cash. Cash presents are very popular form of gift. But gift cards and cash are viewed as last minute and not personal, lacking attention and care. We offer customized payment gift cards Visa/Mastercard. It adds personal touch to presents. Choosing personal photo shows care and affection, create emotional bond and look like a very thoughtful rather than last-minute gift.

So we have built an open API platform to customize all types of gift cards – both virtual and plastic. We are the only company in the world to do customization of virtual cards.

Our solution is patent protected in the US.

We are an official global partner of Visa International and G+D, the second largest provider of bank cards in the world.
Our B2B service already works in 50 banks like CITI bank, UniCredit, and other big players.

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CITI Bank, UniCredit

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