Green Growth prototype

Green Growth is a platform that allows UK residents to invest in a sustainable future through so-called green investments. Customers select from six investment themes: green energy, clean technology, clean water, sustainable food, recycling or sustainable transport. Then, they can make single investments or monthly recurring contributions.

Pricing: 0.75% management fee on assets under management (AUM)

Target market: Climate-conscious millennials

Raising: $750k

Market size: $60B in the UK by 2027 (source: Green Growth pitch above)

Revenue outlook: If Green Growth can maintain its current management fee of 0.75%, it stands to make $7.5M per $1B under management. The $1B AUM mark would be just under 2% of the total UK market for this type of investment (per Green Growth’s estimate). But given who they are up against, that’s a tall order. Furthermore, its target market, well-heeled millennials, will have lower average balances than the typical investment client.

Development: The startup was created with the assistance of Sydney-based Hyper, which incubates companies from the brainstorming stage, through prototyping, fund-raising and more.

Awards: In Q3 (2020), one of 20 companies that participated in the Innovators for Change Accelerator Programme from the University of Cambridge’s Institute for Sustainability Leadership.

Company Vitals


HQ: London

Founded: February 2020

No. of Employees: 4

Current Money Raised: $10k