october, 2021

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Agenda (as of 15 Aug 2021)

Content Track Name:  The Road Forward for Banks and Fintech

Topic 1: Innovating in a Rapidly Shifting Environment

Fueled by a proliferation of innovation, bank-fintech collaborations have transformed the financial services sector. But a rapidly shifting economic environment, coupled with new federal and state standards, are creating uncertainty for industry and consumers alike. A panel of LEND360 industry experts will provide an overview of the impacts that recent actions, priorities and shifting regulator expectations at the CFPB and other bank agencies are having on bank/ fintech working relationships. Hear insights on expected trends and best practices for the limited use of pilot programs by fintech firms, allowing companies to successfully navigate the evolving landscape.

Topic 2: Fair Lending: What Fintech and Banks Need to Know.

The growing popularity of bank-fintech partnerships means greater choices for consumers. It also means that online lenders increasingly face the same challenges as traditional banks in dealing with consumer protection challenges like redlining and steering, which can be amplified without the proper safeguards in place. This expert panel will outline fair lending expectations for fintech firms and their partner banks, ensuring a fair and transparent financial marketplace.

Topic 3: How Payment Companies are Changing the Bank/Fintech Equation

When it comes to bank-fintech relationships, the rise in electronic payments and consumers’ preference for digital transactions means that payments companies increasingly are in the mix. Hear from a panel of experts as they describe how to develop a program for hybrid vendors that will allow companies to expand the market for their products and services.

Topic 4: Fundamentals for Bank-Fintech Cobranding

Companies are continually working to keep up with shifting consumer behaviors, evolving marketing channels and dissipating brand loyalty. Many are looking to bank/fintech cobranded products to stand above the crowd. Cobranded products have multiple benefits for broadening your customer base – if they are developed the right way. Learn the benefits, risks, market opportunities and overall strategies for a successful cobranded product launch.

Topic 5: The Evolution of Bank-Fintech Agreements

Despite the tremendous advantages that bank-fintech collaboration offers, some relationships work better than others.  Poor alignment can quickly lead to lackluster performance that reduces revenue and impacts the customer experience. Join a group of LEND360 experts as they examine the legal questions and potential new regulatory standards that target bank-fintech working arrangements. Learn more about the pitfalls in acquisitions as a corollary to the traditional bank-fintech model and gain insight from an in-depth analysis of what these changes hold for the future of bank-fintech agreements.

Content Track Name:  Business Opportunities

Topic 1: Branding 101 – Building a Strong Brand in the Fintech Space

Join our LEND360 expert panelists as they walk through each phase of brand building—the “why,” ideation, discovery, implementation—and provide actionable tips for how you can improve your brand strategy. Learn some of fintech’s most common branding hurdles and what these panelists are doing to overcome them.

Topic 2: How to Maximize Your Marketing Spend

For many lenders, maintaining a sustainable pipeline of leads is a constant challenge that demands a clear marketing strategy. LEND360 experts will reveal the keys to conducting cutting-edge data analysis that powers your lead generation process and share tips and tools to help you maximize your marketing dollars.

Topic 3: What Investors are Looking for in the Next Wave of Fintech Financing

The pandemic supercharged the digitization of financial services. Investors are taking notice of which companies are adapting to the new normal – and which are stuck in their old ways. A panel of LEND360 experts will analyze the characteristics of fintech’s who set themselves apart from the competition and share how you can attract investor attention.

Topic 4: The Future of Payments in Fintech

The pandemic has accelerated the rapid growth of payments companies, as consumers seek faster, easier, and more secure payment solutions. Hear from a panel of LEND360 experts as they provide their perspectives on the strategies successful payments companies are using to change the financial services landscape – and how you can leverage these changes to maximize business.

Topic 5: Mitigating Risk When Selling Your Non-Performing Loans on the Secondary Market

The secondary market for purchasing non-performing online loans has become increasingly competitive in the past decade. Many large lenders and servicers already recognize the benefits of participating in such markets – but also face a unique set of challenges in transferring these assets. This session will show you how to manage the hazards associated with selling on the secondary market so you can maximize value while minimizing risk.

Content Track Name:  Business Lending Track

Topic 1: What Does the Future of Business Lending Look Like?

With the recovery well under way, business lenders have an enormous opportunity to leverage the innovations that enabled them to effectively deliver capital to this nation’s businesses during the pandemic to help spur economic growth. Join a panel of senior executives as they discuss what lies on the horizon for business lending, focused on innovative business models and products.

Topic 2: Unlocking Small Business Lending with a Data-Driven Approach

Following months of closures and an unpredictable economy, small businesses are starting to recover and thrive. But with so many negatively impacted — in particular, minority-owned businesses which often had fewer funds to fall back on — how can lenders effectively and equitably unlock capital to assist these businesses in restarting? This panel will explore the shortcomings of traditional methods of underwriting in a post-pandemic world; how lenders can use alternative, real-time data to help underwrite small business loans; and what types of small business data should lenders consider when trying to understand risk.

Topic 3: How Fintech Fits into the SBA Equation

Last year fintech companies played an enormous role in facilitating business owners’ access to the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP). For many online lenders this was their first exposure to the programs offered through the Small Business Administration (SBA), and while in the past the prospects of navigating the labyrinth of rules and regulation surrounding these programs has often discouraged fintech companies’ from considering the SBA programs, is it time that your company should take a second look?  Hear from a panel of experts as they discuss business prospects thru partnerships with SBA lenders including marking, loan servicing and other opportunities that could open new revenue streams for your company.

Topic 4: Buy Now, Pay Later: How to Automate the Merchant Onboarding Process

Merchants are grappling with declining revenues and working capital shortfalls due to COVID-19 – leading to increased merchant default risk. That means you could fund purchases that are never shipped due to a merchant closing its doors. You need to build out partnerships fast – but not at the expense of comprehensive, consistent vetting. Improperly vetted merchants could support fraudsters or conduct fraud themselves, which could result in larger fraud losses vs. losses from singular instances of consumer fraud. Buy now, pay later (BNPL) services don’t just give consumers more spending flexibility. They also help smaller merchants compete and increase their bottom line. One ecommerce retailer boosted sales by 40% after adding BNPL. In this panel discussion, learn how you can automate the authentication process for merchants, deepen your vetting process, and create a smoother, more flexible implementation experience for all parties.

Topic 5: Why Providing Complimentary Products/Services is a Must-Have for Today’s Business Lender

Business borrowers are looking to work with lenders that offer an array of internal and third-party products.  This provides the business with easy, one-stop access to financial products and the ability to address multiple financial needs through a single, integrated channel. Hear from a panel of industry leaders as they discuss how to build long-term relationships with customers to grow these segments as a complement to current offerings

Content Track Name:  Maximizing Your Data and Analytics

Topic 1: Top Five Things Lenders Should Know When Deploying ID Document Verification

New research shows that by 2022, 80% of organizations will use document-centric identity proofing as part of their onboarding workflows, up from roughly 30% today. As lenders adopt ID document verification, they need to make smart strategic and tactical decisions to ensure a successful return on their investment. This presentation will help lenders understand key differences in the products available in the market and offer effective best practices for deployment.

Topic 2: How Forward-Looking Employment and Income Data Can Unlock Growth

As the pandemic recedes, lenders are looking to pick up the pace. But how can you resume efficient and accurate lending when there is a lack of reliable recent historic data due to the economic disruption?  This panel will explore new, forward-looking data sources that don’t simply reflect an applicant’s credit profile, but help adapt your portfolio to varying market conditions, expanding the top of the funnel and reducing losses for stronger growth.

Topic 3: Loan Life Cycle-Strategic Optimization to Impact Your Bottom Line

The consumer finance industry saw significant fluctuations over the past year but is now slowly returning to normal activity. Hear from a panel of short term lending experts as they share insights into the opportunities in this phase of the credit cycle. The panel discussion will focus on developing strategies to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of consumer acquisition, management of loan-performance throughout every phase of the credit lifecycle, and identification of opportunities in new lending markets.

Topic 4: Navigating Post-Pandemic Lending with Alternative Data

The data and analytics that underpin lenders’ credit strategies face a host of new challenges, whether a result of the pandemic, or from shifts in consumer demand across multiple credit sectors like short-term lending and rent-to-own. This panel will analyze the changing landscape for underwriting decision-making post-pandemic and what you can do to identify growth opportunities through this K-shaped recovery.

Topic 5: Getting the Most from Your Data Testing Process

Data vendor/lender partnerships have never been more important in ensuring accurate and robust credit models than in today’s marketplace. Whether you are considering new products from established CRAs or from vendors offering alternative data sources, the ability to accurately and quickly measure the value of data means the difference between profit and disaster. Hear from a panel of experts who will share what you need to know before engaging in a data test and how you can build the right collaboration between vendors and lenders to give your company the competitive edge.

Topic 6: Risk in Online Lending – It’s R&D, Not Risk Management

Don’t let leaky conversion funnels, skyrocketing data costs, and high friction onboarding ruin your online lending business. Learn how to mitigate losses, control data costs, and improve customer experience with the right risk management program that builds trust with investors, advisors, and key partners. See what happens when you don’t manage for risk but take an R&D approach. This session will share how to build risk teams, set up core technical and data infrastructure, and identify the right metrics and culture to create the foundation to scale in lending. The panel will share their unique experiences building their own risk teams and serving as fraud-fighting advisors to online innovators.


october 4 (Monday) - 6 (Wednesday)


Dallas, Texas

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